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MÉRA WORLD MUSIC/Guajiro Calentano (MX)

Guajiro Calentano (MX)

We become one with our audience.

Guajiro Calentano was founded in 2013. The band plays South American music, with strong Mexican and Caribbean accents; Manu, the bands’ vocal, added many more others after his journeys. He gathered patiently, with lots of creativity, sounds from France, Brazil, Guadalupe,
Spain and Columbia. Together with Eli Manjarrez, who plays the violin, they are doing everything they can to keep alive the Guerrero and Michoacán musical styles. Guajiro Calentan succesfully entertained the audience at Mera World Music 2017.

We’re coming to Mera to share with all of you our music!

Milton Navarro Peralta – Lead vocals, guitar
Gilberto Garcia Rojas – Bass and vocals
Ariel Palacio – Accordion
Diego Silva – Violin
Laureano Cotignola – Latin percussions

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/guajirocalentano/