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MÉRA WORLD MUSIC/Dresch Mihály – Csoóri Sándor jr. – Lőrincz Hortenzia (HU)

Dresch Mihály – Csoóri Sándor jr. – Lőrincz Hortenzia (HU)

The concert held by Csoóri Sándor, Dresch Mihály and Lőrincz Hortenzia is one of the two special concerts which are going to take place in The Reformed Church from Mera. The three musicians will get together especially for this event, and their songs collection will be also
carefully designed to fit the venue. The audience is invited to listen to Hungarian traditional music, but also to church hymns and reformed religious music.


Csoóri Sándor – viola,
Dresch Mihály – wind instruments,
Lőrincz Hortenzia – vocal