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MÉRA WORLD MUSIC/Bognár Szilvia (HU)

Bognár Szilvia (HU)

Titoktok – a concert for kids, but also for adults.

Happy songs, creative lyrics, fun and lots of smiles – you’ll find them all at this concert. Lyrics composed by Weöres Sándor, Nemes Nagy Ágnes and Kányádi Sándor put on traditional music will be cheerfully sung at this concert meant to offer a great time for the whole family. Titoktok show will be performed for the first time in Transylvania.

Bognár Szilvia – vocal
Babcsán Bence – saxophone, flute
Gyulai Csaba – percussion
Hámori Máté – guitar
Compozitor Kovács Zoltán – doublebass