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Guajiro Calentano (MX)

Laura Lackey's Rhythm Revue (USA)

Besh o droM (HU)

deRuts (CHILE)

Ferenczi György and the Rackajam (HU)

Nightlosers (RO)

Nadara (RO)

Oláh Gipsy Beats (HU)

Fölszállott a páva show (HU/RO)


Bognár Szilvia (HU)

Fonó Zenekar (HU)

Dresch Mihály - Csoóri Sándor jr. - Lőrincz Hortenzia (HU)

Csoóri Sándor and Sons (HU)

Grupul Iza (RO)

Eztán (RO)


 Camping possibilities and bed & breakfasts are available at locals’ homes. For reservation and more information send an e-mail to: camping@meraworldmusic.com.


Méra is located 13 km from Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvár . During the festival, there will be regular bus rides that will take you from Cluj-Napoca to Méra, and back.





  1. It is forbidden to enter the festival with umbrellas. You will leave them at the entrance and find them on your way out. In case of rain, please bring raincoats and boots.
  2. It is forbidden to enter the festival with plastic bottles, drinks and food (except food and drinks for babies). Inside the festival there will be plenty of delicious food and drinks!
  3. It is forbidden to enter the festival and to wear on the festival perimeter any kind of flags or signs that discriminate or contain hate speech/messages.  The festival was named the island of joy – let’s keep it that way! 🙂
  4. All dogs must wear a leash and a muzzle at all times
  5. It is forbidden to enter the festival with explosives, knives, pepper sprays, or any other objects and substances considered dangerous by the organizers.
  6. It is forbidden to start fires on the festival perimeter. The atmosphere will be hot even without a fire! 🙂
  7. Please help us keep the festival clean! Use the garbage bins!
  8. The organizers cannot be held accountable for any harm or damage done to you by other participants.
  9. Lost and found objects will be stored at the Info Point.
  10. The organizers reserve the right to modify the festival programme.
  11. At the festival you are not only allowed, but are strongly advised to smile, dance and have fun! 🙂

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